Bible Basics

( It would be kinda helpful if you had a bible open if that is possible, otherwise pull one up on the computer) Ok so first thing's first. The bible is made up of books. Now all of these books were written by different people, with a couple of exceptions. Now every book is broken into chapters. Every chapter is broken into verses. So when you open your bible up you should be able to find an index page. Those are all the books with the page numbers that they begin at listed after them. The bible wasn't initially written this way but a long time ago some christians put it into this system so it is easier to follow. You can see that the books are split into two different sections: The Old and the new testament. the old testament is before Jesus is born. The new testament is when he is alive and after when people are just continuing his ministry. One thing you have to remember about the books of the bible are that they are not in chronological order. Also, to remember that they are "God-breathed" so it's not like some guy just sat down and started writing it all down, God actually gave him the words to say! Which when you think about it, is pretty sweet. As you read the Bible though, you will realize that all the writers do have different writing techniques, they aren't just all the same. You can really see that in the GOSPELS. These are the books that tell about the life of Jesus. They are the first four books in the New testament: Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. if you want to try to read a book in the Bible i would recommend starting with Proverbs. It is a great place to start and a little easier to understand then some of the other books. So that's just some of the stuff you need to know! Comment or email me if you have any more questions!